Thomas D. Conley, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Small Business Accounting Consultant.


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"We went from working around Quickbooks to ... helping us throughout our business processes and reporting"

"We hired a different Quickbooks Advisor to help us with converting our old legacy system to Quickbooks. She was from a different metro area who never even came out to our operation. We got tired of her giving us the wrong information and giving us no support as to what reports we would need to answer our ongoing managerial questions. We ended up with working around Quickbooks in many of our functions.

We hired Tom to help us fix the outstanding issues and help us use Quickbooks better. He helped us fix our complicated multi-state sales tax reporting in Quickbooks. He edited our chart of accounts to make reporting better, and he integrated our budget as well. He used his own time to come from out of state to visit our manufacturing plant and get to know our needs. Now he is a phone call away. Even though he is 3 hours away, we can work remotely, sharing the same screen, so we feel like he is right there with us. We went from working around Quickbooks to figure our sales tax, compare our performance to budget reporting, and more. Now Quickbooks is helping us throughout our business processes and reporting."

Bob M, Manufacturing - Enterprise Solutions

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