Thomas D. Conley, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Small Business Accounting Consultant.


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"Small changes make big differences."

Tom helped us a great deal. One area was help with our marketing. We had a high advertising budget - typical for our industry. Tom created a methodology to capture how people were hearing about us, broken down by geography, and our different products. The reporting mechanism he created allowed us to see which types of advertising was working for the different regions, and products, depending on the specific demographics of each area. We focused more on what was working, eliminating what was not. We cut 70% out of our budget and still saw significant sales growth. We switched to Quickbooks because of its flexibility and low cost. He designed a reporting process for us that broke out our segments, so we can see where our biggest bangs were, and what needed help. He made the budgeting process easy and valuable to us. Small changes make big differences.

Carol H., Tourism


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